Documentary Discussions 

The STAR Documentary, titled “Stand Together,” a youth-directed film about an ongoing movement to address racism through education and dialogue that is initiated and facilitated by Berks County youth. The film tells the story of Youth Volunteer Corps of Reading students’ Stand Together Against Racism (S.T.A.R.) initiative and how, this initiative has engaged hundreds of people in education and awareness initiatives as well as projects supporting racial equity. Watch the trailer below... 

Since the launch of "Stand Togther" STAR youth leaders have engaged in viewing events and discussions with various audiences: community, corporate, college and more! Learn about these events below. If you are interested in holding a similar event for your school, workplace, or organizaition please see our contact page or email 

Customer's Bank Training (August, 2022)

STAR leaders facilitated two sessions with Customer's Bank team members. The conversations followed the viewing of the mini-documentary "Stand Together" the story of a youth driven movement to fight racism. Team members shared about implicit bias, personal experiences of injustice, and how we can all support one another.  The STAR Podcast The Powerful Youth Perspective  highlights ways Customer's Bank works for inclusion for all, listen here!

Born This Way Foundation x Milton Hershey School Event (August, 2022)

Eleven STAR youth leaders traveled to the Milton Hershey School in Hershey, Pennsylvania to speak with 8th-12th grade students.  After learning more about each other and the Milton Hershey School, youth watched the STAR mini documentary, Stand Together and had a discussion to follow. The student-facilitated discussion surrounded topics of racism, injustice, and mental health. This event was made possible by Born This Way Foundation's Kindness in Community Fund. 

Ambassadors in Sneakers (August, 2022)

YVC Reading welcomed a cohort of German and American students to Reading for a day from Ambassadors in Sneakers - a program that brings together youth councils and leadership committees from Germany and the U.S. 

The group watched the STAR documentary, to prompt an enriching discussion about racism and injustice through a global lens. Students compared and contrasted their experiences in either country, and found new perspectives thought provoking. This event was a highlight, bringing Stand Togehter to an international audience. 

Junior League of Reading Discussion (December, 2022)

STAR co-founders joined the Junior League of Reading to share the story of STAR. Leaders discussed the mission of education for justice and inclusion is important to youth in the community, and also how adults can support the mission. 

Then, Junior League of Reading streamed "Stand Together" as their film event. Beyond just the film, STAR leaders value relationships, like these, built throughout the community. 

Alvernia University Film Discussion (April, 2023)

STAR celebrated Diversity Month by creating STAR Week. YVC STAR and STAR on Campus - the expansion of the initiative into colleges - events this week are highlighting the beauty and importance of DEI. One of the week's events was a screeding of the STAR Documentary, Stand Together, at Alvernia University in collaboration with their office of Justice, Equity, and Inclusion. The discussion to follow featured high school and college student activists.  To see more about STAR's engagement with college campuses, see STAR on Campus.