Storytime Program

At YVC Reading, our students are passionate about helping young minds develop into compassionate individuals. Our high school age students enjoy working with little ones, hopefully inspiring them to be leaders in their community. 

Throughout the Summer of 2022, about 10 YVC students worked with over 50 children between the ages of four through seven in various local libraries to spread their message of being kind, celebrating our differences, and loving one another. 

YVC students chose the books and developed activities to correlate, the kids LOVED being creative while learning about our world! 

Check out some of the crafts the kids created this summer.... 

Thank you to the students who made this program possible... Athena (left) and Mia (right) Worley raised funds so each child could take home their own copy of our featured book each week!

YVC Reading and STAR volunteers replicated the Storytime program for the second year. Five storytime sessions were facilitated at two locations, Goddard School of Wyomissing and 2nd St. Learning Center. With new books and activities, the four through seven year olds were full of excitement to learn about how to help their neighbors and show love in the community!