YVC STAR x Reading Recreation

YVC Students developed a 5-session STAR curriculum for kids attending Reading Rec Playground during the summer. YVC volunteers met weekly with playground groups at 3rd & Spruce Rec Center and 11th & Pike Playground throughout July. They led kids ages 6-10 in activities centered around accepting others, celebrating our differences, and spreading kindness! These sessions included arts, crafts, games, team building and celebrating different cultures. The kids bonded quickly with YVC volunteers, making a memorable summer service project! 

Check out the amazing accomplishments of Reading Rec's Playground below!

The self portraits during arts and crafts turned out amazing!

Kids got their own STAR shirts to tye-dye, blending colors was tons of fun!

Team building and games!

Our student volunteers were thrilled to collaborate throughout the summer of 2022 for the second year of STAR Playground! New curiculum was developed by students to keep the kids engaged, and having fun all while learning about new concepts such as equity, activism,  diversity and culture. Catch a glimpse of Reading Rec x STAR Playground 2022 below!

For three consecutive years, STAR volunteers collaborated with Reading Recreation playgrounds to teach lessons of diversity, kindness, and inclusion through games and crafts. Hands on, collaborative learning helps to build relationships between youth and STAR volunteers, making for  fun, educational lessons to apply in everyday life!