YVC Summit 2021

On October 16th, 2021 STAR students from the Youth Volunteer Corps of Reading had the privilege of hosting a segment of YVC Summit 2021!! This amazing opportunity brought students from across North America and Canada together to discuss the different ways we can combat racism in our communities. The students facilitated dialogue in breakout rooms, creating a powerful message that together the youth of today will impact the future in amazing ways!

Hear from our 2021 Summit hosts and check out all our YVC STARS ....

"Even in my second year of having the same types of conversations, I continue to learn new things. I left the call feeling hopeful, still amazed by how many students are passionate about social justice" -Katie Schadler (12th grade)

"Working with so many passionate volunteers really made me realize how important these conversations are, and how impactful STAR can be" -Saishree Mupparaju (12th grade)